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 Maxpacks Information

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PostSubject: Maxpacks Information   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 13:48


The Maxpac is a charge of games that you must pay for and you can only can use it once. It consists of a random series of numbers and letters that you will have to validate in your account on the page: Maxpacs on the menu in the left side. Once activated in your account, it will never expire and you will be able to play your games when you want, since these can be accumulated. If you do not put it in your account, the term of validity for the Maxpac is of about 30 days, following the site were you have obtained it. You can obtain so many Maxpacs as you wish, although in your account you can only recharge a maximum of 100 each time, approximately.


** 15 goes for Blazing Flames
** 15 goes for Secret Garden
** 15 goes for Veg Attack
** 15 goes for Taka
** 15 goes for Food Chain
** 15 goes for Snuggy Pilot
** 15 goes for Food Chain
** 15 goes for Sinkyfrog's Ark
** 15 goes for Guardian Angel
** 15 goes for The Dare of Diablo
** 45 goes for a Ticket
and so on depending on witch game or ticket you choose to use a Maxpac on.

** 1 go for The Weekly Event
** 3 goes for Now Boarding
** 5 goes for Flying Moles
** 1 Stamp for your Collector


~ By Phone: by phone please dial: 0906 160 070 (1.50 €/Minute + can be charged extra by the operator) call duration: approx. 1 Minute & 30 seconds.

~ SMS: for 1 Maxpac: send 1 SMS with the text PRIZEE at: 7444 (Orange: 3 €/Sending + cost of an SMS)
For 6 Maxpacs: send 1 SMS with the text PRIZEE at: 7455 or 7654 (Orange & Vodafone: 10 €/Sending + cost of an SMS). At 7455 limited to 2 SMS / month.

~ Maxpac code: If you already have a code, that, for example you got from another site, you can activate it in this section.

~ Takepass: order your Maxpacs through the www.takepass.com site, Prizee's partner site for Maxpacs sales abroad. Careful, a window should open and you will be redirected to the takepass.com site, in order to purchase your Maxpacs.

~ By Credit Card: buy your Maxpacs codes on www.rentabiliweb.com another Prizee partner site for Maxpacs. Careful, a window should open and you will be redirected towards the rentabiliweb.com site,so as to purchase your Maxpacs.

~ Maxpacs through other sites:

Codes that you can validate as a Maxpac:
- Maxpac (pack +)
- Allopass B
- Speedcodes
- Getpass

- http://www.yacado.com
For the moment Maxpacs are unavailable on this site.

- http://www.g2space.com
Gratcode, Choco+, PassPass, Findcode, Poker+, Deficode, Spacecode, Cashcode, Ticket+, TonikPotion, Pack+ and Y-code.

- http://www.find-jeux.com
BonusCodes, Choco+, Cliquopass, Codeclic, Deficode, DragonCode, DuckyPass A, Eurocode, Fresh-code, Geniz+, GetPass, Gratcode, Magikode10, MonkyPass, OverPass,PassPass, Poker+, PrizPass, Space-code, SpeedCode, TonikPotion, Wondypass, Y-code.

- http://www.cliquojeux.com
Cliquopass, Findcodes, MonkyJeux, Wondyland, Geniz+, Cashcode, Drangoncodes, Luckypass, Mini-Packs Multilude, Geniecode, EuroCodes, TonikPotion, Poker+, PassPass, Deficodes, Multilude, Allopass A, Allopass B and Pack+.

- http://www.geniokdos.com
Gothicode, Smashminus, PassCado, Cashcode, Grizz+, Cliquopass, Byncode, Findcode, Wondypass, CodeClic, Dragoncode, Luckypass type1, Mini codisc, Magikode 10, Eurocode, Choco+, Pack+, Codisc.

- http://www.dragon-games.net
Find-Code, Allopass A, Allopass B, Wiopass, LoupoCode, Allapass, BynCode, Cliquopass, EuroCodes, Geniz+, Gothicodes, Gratcode, Luckypass, WillyPass, Grizz+, Cashcode and Boops.

- http://www.wondyland.com
Cashcode, Choco+, Cliquopass, Dragon-Code, Find-Code, Geniz+, GratCode, Gratouilles, Minipack, Monkypass, Overpass, Pack+, Packito, Pikicode A, Smashminus, Wondypass, Wondypass+ and Y-Code.

- http://www.click-jeux.net
Byncode, Bonus-misteuro, FindCode, Allopass A, Cliquopass, Wondypass, Choco+, SpaceCode+, Nours-code, FindCode+, SpeedCode, SuperCodeBonus, Récréapack, Kado-kado, Gragounesques, Deficode, Pack+, Allopass B, Getpass and EC-code.

- http://www.codesgratos.com (Sorted by availability)
Pack+, Speedcodes, Allopass B, Allopass A, Byncodes, Y-codes, Choco+ and SpaceCodes.


- http://www.eurokiddies.com --> Points won with a bar are changed at the end of month with money with which you can buy Pack+ (Maxpacs) in the Web.
Byncode, Findcode, Gratcode, Cliquopass, Dragon-codes, Tonik-Potion, Magikcode30, Overpass, Choco+, Geniecode, Pack+, Y-code, Cashcode and Passpass.

- http://www.packbarre.com --> You obtain a Maxpac in approximately one month. With each Maxpac gained by one of your referrals, you will win another Maxpac.

- http://www.ecbarre.com --> You win points with which codes can be obtained, but no Maxpacs (pack +)
EC-Codes, Byncodes, Findcodes, Choco+, Poker+, PassPass and Gratcodes.


The button for the Maxpacs is located on the left side of the main page:

You will be redirected to a window where you will see all the games available, besides the extras, that you can validate a Maxpac on. If you pass the mouse over each game, you will see the amount of games which you can obtain per Maxpac.

Here is a picture and the available 15 goes per Maxpac. We choose for example, the game Fishtrain.

Now another window will open to us, where we will have to press the button Reload your account.

Then choose the mode of payment that you are going to use. Follow the instructions and when you have your code, put in the white window in the lower part of the page. Then click the OK button to have your Maxpac ready for use.

Your Maxpac will be loaded thus in your account. Whenever you enter the site you will see the Maxpac button blinking on the menu, an announcement that you have your Maxpac prepared to be used.

When you want to use your Maxpac you must decide on witch game you what to activate it on (of the available games), click on that game and then click on the little blinking Maxpac (pack+) square.


To 3° day of presence is the treat day (and only on the third day), Prizee gives a Maxpac, this one does not give you a go for the Weekly Event but it does add a stamp to you're Collector Card. Except that fact it's just like any other normal Maxpac that you can buy.
Besides this Maxpac, you will obtain another free Maxpac by completing the first Collector Card with 10 Maxpacs.
Another 3 free Maxpacs are available once you have completed the Triforce Quest.

And this is everything you will ever need to know about Maxpacs. Happy Game !!! :-D 🌹

-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
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Maxpacks Information
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