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 Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)

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PostSubject: Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)   Sat 28 Nov 2009, 12:30

Hello everyone !!! Smile
Here is the News update on the New Gifts Section and the Zen garden !!!

In 9 years of existence, the current distribution of gifts Prizee has evolved. But it was also much more complex by adding regular new rules: Showcases, Raffles, Auctions, gifts Tickets, queues, Collectors, Market Prizee, games of the week, Club shop, etc..

It became more than necessary for taking the time rethinking these rules and to simplify understanding.

That's why our team has started working several months ago on a complete overhaul of the whole system presents Prizee. Although the launch is planned for the end of the year, we wanted to share with you a preview of the upcoming features.

The new "section presents" will replace a comprehensive manner:
- Showcase
- The raffle
- The Queue
- The Auction
- The Club Shop
- The Market Prizee
- Former Gift Catalog
- The list of winners
- The order tracking
- Presents the game of the week

This section will consist of one large painting brings together all the gifts to be won on Prizee!
Each line corresponds to a sale, and therefore 1 gift to win.

Since the number of gifts are available at launch will have thousands, filters and sorting criteria to be integrated easily find the gift of your dreams.
For most experts, a filter system is very customizable available:

There will be 4 types of sales, thus 4 ways to win prizes:

1. Fashion "Showcase"

Functions the same as the current window. That is to say that the gift is offered for purchase at a fixed price.
Each player can only participate once a single sale. The price of the gift Bubz is debited from the player's account upon registration of his application for participation.

At the end of the sale, a lottery determines the sole winner of the sale. All the losers are then reimbursed from 8 hours after the sale. (This deadline prevents a player with very little Bubz can spend his day on the site by multiplying the sales of last-minute more.)

A player who signed up for a sale may cancel its participation at any time provided that the maturity of the sale in at least 15 minutes. Below this limit, the player can no longer cancel.

2. Mode "Auctions"

The gift is offered for purchase to the highest bidder. Throughout the sale, players can bid on the gift by offering amounts Bubz increasingly high. The auction offered by Bubz players are immediately debited from the player's account. If the player goes overboard being sold, the difference between its bid and the new old is also charged immediately.

At the end of the sale, the player who offered the highest bid wins the gift. All the losers are reimbursed for their next access to the site from 8 hours after the sale.

An auction is not voidable.

3. Mode "Tombola"

The gift is offered via a lottery winner from a pool of raffle tickets purchased.
The price of each ticket is between 3 and 10 Bubz depending on the value of the gift.

Each player may buy as many tickets as they wish per sale. Bubz The price of each ticket is debited from the player's account immediately. At maturity, a lottery determines the winner of the gift but no participant is reimbursed for its implementation.

A player who purchased one or more tickets for sale may cancel its participation at any time provided that the maturity of the sale in at least 15 minutes. Below this limit, the player can no longer cancel.

4. Mode "Zen"

Replacing the queue, this new method of allocation fits into the picture as a sale based Auction but in a specific unit dedicated to "Zen pebbles.

The player wishing to participate goes in "Zen Garden". He then has the possibility to deposit the amount Bubz's choice in deposit (integer only, no cents). Zen stone 1 is then offered him by Bubz he filed.

The player must then log on every day Prizee to show perseverance and patience. He did not need to go to the Zen garden or make validation each time. Each first connection one day, he receives new zen stone 1 by Bubz he had filed. These stones are combined with the previous until the player logs into prizee at least 1 time per day.

Example: 5 Bubz filed, then the player has returned 2 days away: it has a total of 15 stones Zen.

A player who forgets to come one day lose all his stones to the next connection to the site and recovered in full the Bubz it was originally filed (without delay, so it can redeposit on). The player may at any time decide voluntarily to recover its Bubz placed on deposit by going to the Zen garden, but it loses all its Zen pebbles. The Bubz there are also reimbursed immediately.

Once the Bubz filed, the player can not be added over time. He is forced to cancel its entire deposit (and therefore losing its Zen stones) before you can resubmit.

A player has the option to acquire at any time of the jokers at a price of 3.00 Bubz. It can have up to 30 wild stocks. Each wildcard can compensate for a day when the player has forgotten to connect when he had a deposit. The consumption of wild cards is automatic.

If a player who had a deposit and 5 wildcards stock reconnects when he had not come for 3 days, he receives once every pebble Bubz that would normally awarded in reconnecting every day.
He will then 2 jokers in stock. If he had only 2 jokers at the start, they have been used but it would still have lost his Zen pebbles and recovered his Bubz because it could not compensate for the 3rd day of absence.

If a player falls during a day at least one sale Zen then it will not win gravel Zen in reconnecting the next day (even if he has canceled his participation during the day), the balance will simply the same. This applies even if at the first connection of the day, the player has a sale during that Zen was not expired at midnight (the beginning of the day).

The player may at any time consult the balance of its Zen pebbles and timing of its connections to the site reflecting his attendance in the Zen garden.

Regarding gifts sold with this unit, the operation is as follows:
At the end of the sale, only the player with the greatest number of rocks Zen wins the gift.

Throughout the sale, the amount shown in the table corresponds to the number of stones available to the Zen player who registered for sale with the most. It is ultimately the "score to beat."

The players did not bid because the amount is always considered their full balance of Zen pebbles and it will not change during a sale (a player not earning additional gravel if a sale zen active) .

The Zen pebbles are not charged when registering a sale, they remain in the balance of the player.

A player can not be enrolled in a sale more active mode Zen at a time (it may instead be simultaneously included in the sales of other types).

A player may not register for more than 3 sales zen different day (for a player who falls in quick succession on ending in a few minutes / seconds each).

A player who signed up for a sale may cancel its participation at any time provided that the maturity of the sale in at least 15 minutes. Below this limit, the player can no longer cancel.

At the end of the sale, the player who won the gift loses all its pebbles Zen and all Bubz he had put on deposit in the Zen garden.

Conversion Queue

At the launch of the new section presents all the queues will be converted into current Zen pebbles. Each player registered in one or more files will automatically zen stone 1 / Bubz in file / day expected.
Thus, a player who would have waited 3 days in a row for a gift to Bubz 2 + 5 days in a row for a gift to 10 Bubz receive 3 * 2 + 5 * 10 = 56 Zen pebbles.
The number of pebbles that Zen will have each player will therefore reflect the launch of a perfectly fair as long as it waited on its various files.
The Bubz placed in the files will be automatically transferred on loan to the Zen garden.

Players can if they wish to immediately enjoy their Zen stones to get the gift of their choice, or keep them and grow with their deposit. If they do not wish to retain their Zen stones, they may also at any time retrieve their deposit in full Bubz.

To give the players time to adjust to new rules, Prizee offer them all a few jokers not to risk losing their Zen pebbles they forgot to connect.

The conditions of access to gifts

Every sale is associated with one of the 3 following access conditions:
- The gifts reserved for Club members Prizee;
- The gifts reserved for Beginners (players who have never won any gift);
- Gifts without condition (anyone can participate).

A player may well be eligible for all 3 conditions (and therefore all gifts). One example where a player who has recently joined the club but has never won any gift.


A player who wins a gift, whatever the type of original sale, has the opportunity to relist it. The choice is left to the player right after he won the gift (if there are discounts available for sale). He may then decide to get home or trying to put in. The advantage of this throw-in for the player is to get Bubz in return, hoping to get another gift largest futures.
If he chooses to put into play, the gift will appear in the table for all players in the form of an "auction".
The player can decide:
- The duration of its sales: between 1 and 7 days (integer only);
- The starting price.
Being sold, the seller may change the starting price of his gift to the condition that there has still been no bids on this sale. Each change in course of sale costs 1 Bubz seller.
If the deadline expires without selling the gift has been sold, the player is again proposing to keep him or relist it (if there are discounts available for sale).
The number of resale potential is represented by an icon label in the table:
- Green label: the gift may still be sold between 2 and 5 times if the winner wishes;
- Orange label: the gift has only one possible resale. If the winner does not wish to receive the last sale price will be mandatory from 1 Bubz;
- Red label: the gift can not be resold, whoever wins will have the opportunity to receive it from him.

When the resale of a gift, its original conditions are maintained. So, who won a gift was reserved for Club members will also be at all rebates available. The same goes for gifts reserved for beginners.
In the case of a successful sale, the Bubz are credited to the seller at its next access the site after the sale (without 8 hours).

Prizee does not levy a commission on sales.


Shortly after the launch of this new section Gifts, Shop Diamond Club will close its doors. But rest assured, you will be notified and will have a deadline to buy gifts with your diamonds. It might even be some special offers not to be missed for the grand finale.
It will of course also possible to use the converter to boost your stock Bubz and win all the best gifts.

Gifts Events

We've saved the best for last!
The special gifts which are offered each week through games events will be tomorrow sold directly in the gifts section. This means that you earn your consoles very soon, travel, scooters, checks of thousands of euros and other marvels directly through your Bubz and your Zen pebbles. In the course of events after each other gifts to grow even stronger now that you have complete freedom to make your choice. All types of sales will be offered, so you can earn quite a big check with the Zen Garden or a trip round the world to auction Bubz.

And the new players?

If it is certain that these new rules will give an advantage to players who have many Bubz, others do not be so far left. Indeed, other novelties are in preparation with the massive return of Super jackpots in games and the emergence of a new generation of scratch tickets and mini-games offering the hope of winning hundreds of Bubz in a single party.

Things to Remember:

- Prizee repositions the Gift to the heart of all sites by increasing its budget massively
- By year end, a new section unique gifts will replace all previous
- 4 ways to win prizes in a single interface
- All gifts to the site will be directly winnable, including gifts of dreams that were previously available on gaming events
- The queue will be converted into any equity in the new Zen Garden
- The ability to relist won a gift will be generalized and improved
- Players who have never won any gifts and club members will Prizee gifts reserved for them
- The return of Super jackpots in games and the emergence of new super gains in scratch cards will save large amounts of Bubz a blow for the lucky
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PostSubject: Re: Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)   Sat 28 Nov 2009, 12:43

Official answer !!!
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your initial feedback we've read with interest.
Failing to answer you individually, here are details of your main points of concern and inquiry to date.


- Regarding the Zen Garden at first, its inner workings remain the property of the queue he is descended. It is not a second mode auction.
In fact, the Zen stone is not intended to be a new currency, it will only reflect the expectations of everyone, in terms of amount bubz locked. The fact, when selling won, it is in the exchange of all stones and bubz involved will make such sales extremely strategic. Certainly, a player who would have 1,000 Bubz could invest and get her stuffed almost immediately. But in 1000 Bubz lint, it has much more interest in winning the auction.

So it is a mix that will end the players to know how much they will invest to pay the lowest price possible gift they want with time they themselves intend to wait.
The more experienced players will decide the amount of deposit based on their "investment horizon" and the market price that will no doubt evolve regularly.

Unlike auctions, sales Zen should accommodate a small number of contenders every time. Indeed, any attempt to participate on a sale will freeze zen stones on the day for the customer. We will see soon the players get to choose a very conservative sales which they participate not fall behind.
One of the main problems of old queues concerned the non-transferability of waiting for a player to another gift. It was impossible to change their minds during the wait for preferring a gift to another. This had disastrous consequences in the case of gifts that were causing deleted then breaks queue very painful for the players.

The new Zen garden will continue to reward the same patience, but without ever having to impose on the players a fixed initial choice or make their experience a disruption arising from a gift deleted.
We will thus be able to renew more frequently presents some of the most "trendy" always having the latest novelty.


- Concerning all the players who will transfer their queues, I should say that if they will actually be merged into 1 single repository that can be a very significant amount for very large players, you'll be disappointed not return. The transfer of gifts previously for games events in this new section will regularly presents game zen fashion products except for values far more important than the gifts previously available in the queue.
Clearly, failing to claim 2 consoles, 3 plush and 1 pen, your merged files you open the doors to check thousands of euro, travel round the world and why not cars!

This conversion course that will cover your active files when merging. So, if you do not block your bubz committed on a single gift, you can stop some of your files to minimize the amount committed. In this case, choose to maintain your oldest files, it is they who will bring you the greatest mathematical ratio bubz over stones that you will have initially.
Once the merger is complete, you can not change the amount of your deposit, except to cancel it completely. So if you want to stop certain files "young", I recommend you do so as soon an arrival of site ads that warn of the upcoming release of the new gift section.


- Concerning Prizee Market, do not worry no longer have the sales started before the launch of the new section will continue normally until maturity usual. Section Prizee Market will remain available after the launch of the new section, the time to complete all sales. Regarding discounts on sale which will be in the new section, they will be better framed in the Prizee Market, you will not see show gift with a price disproportionate to the market price.


- For Club members Prizee, I can confirm that we do not propose automatic validation of the Zen garden. We are aware that most of you saw this advantage as the primary or sole, interest of the club prizee.

We will offset this benefit and that of the old club shop sales by many dedicated Club members who will be available in all modes. Ultimately, most gifts will be available for both VIP players for free. But the distribution of sales that will likely (for modes showcase and raffle), prices (for the auction mode) and quantities of stones zen necessary (for the Zen mode) are always better in sales than in Club sales open at all.


If the lengthy presentation of the news coming legitimately can seem complex, I wish to reassure you that it is more complex to explain in its entirety to live.

Indeed, the operation that already we experience internally is intuitive.
Each component grid is accompanied by explanations mouse over the headings and detailed aid will soon be offered for each case. The beginners will be accompanied gradually discover the different types of sales. Gifts that will be reserved does not present such sales Zen. This type of sale, as the current queue, is designed for more seasoned gamers.

Thank you for your reading.

Original message by: MissPrizee (Prizee Administrator)
Translation and post by: Khot1 (Forum Administrator)

P.S. It took a whole lot of time to translate this and post it here. Hope you appreciate this.
All of the questions about the Zen Garden and the Gifts Section should be answered in this post.
These sections are not available to us, however I thought I'd post this info anyway. Thanks !!!
jocolor king
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PostSubject: Re: Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)   Sat 28 Nov 2009, 13:54

Good Topics you have coming up here lately. This should explain many things to players. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)   Sat 28 Nov 2009, 15:53

Thanks man. cheers sunny
Happy here !!! jocolor king
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PostSubject: Re: Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)   

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Information Section (New Gifts Section and Zen Garden)
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