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 Tips and Trick for Games (by Khot1)

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PostSubject: Tips and Trick for Games (by Khot1)   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 12:55

So far I have only posted tips and tricks for 7 games. But this post will be updated soon. Now let's hear some opinions and some questions. !!!
=> This post was made at the suggestion of "Bitsazz". P.S. Good Sugestion !!!
🌹 🌹

Here is a starting picture of were you can find the shops on Guardian Angel and Sinkyfrog's Ark
- Picture: http://img214.imageshack.us/my.php?image=optionsxw9.jpg

Sinkyfrog's Ark I finish it all the time, it's so easy if you have the proper help choices. I use this combination to finish Sinkyfrog's Ark:
- 3 extra options (so that I have 6 options available all the time)
- the scarecrow (so that the bird Tightcalw does not bother me anymore)
- 2 lives (if I miss I'll always get another chance)
- jump aiming option (so that I know exactly where I land when I jump)
- attraction (this is an extra so that I don't have to go after the bubz flowers, the flowers lean towards me so it's much easier to pick them up)
- and jump high option (so that I always get a flawless bonus in the end, plus it's much easier to finish a level because I don't have to jump on every platform to get to the top, I can skip some by jumping to the higher ones). Use this combination and you'll always finish this game. So in total there are 8 options that you must buy.
8 options x 2.00 bubz each = 16.00 bubz that you must spend (this is available for Guardian Angel also)
I know that is a lot of bubz but think about this, you only have to buy these options once and you'll have them forever (you'll eventually win your bubz back, and a lot more).

And here is a picture with what you should choose (it's a link because the picture would have been to large to post as it is on this forum):
- Picture: http://img231.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sinkyforgarkjc0.jpg

Picture comment:
- Red means that those options are vital and you, most likely, will not finish the game unless you buy these options first.
- Yellow means that those potions are helpfully, not necessary for finishing the game, but will help you a great deal.
- Green means that those options are secondary choices, you don't really need them but they will make the game more playable and eventually easier for you to complete.

As for The Dare of Diablo it's about luck, but you should always think before you drop the cubes. Always look at what cubes will come next and plan ahead. I said that it's also about luck, as you require a lot of luck to pass level 8. If you pass level 8 at Dare of Diablo you'll see that levels 9 and 10 are a lot easier because of the option you get at level 9 (you'll be able to swap the position of the 3 cubes before you drop them. To do this just click above the red line as many times as you fell before you click below the red line to drop the cubes. You'll find this option very useful) Try my advice, you'll see it will pay of with time and practice. For the record using this advice I finish The Dare of Diablo once every 2 tries (meaning that out of 2 tries I fail once, at level 8 most likely)

Sorry, no pictures for the Dare of Diablo, I believe that I've said what was needed above.

On Guardian Angel finishing the game depends (much like Sinkyfrog's Ark) on what options you buy. I'll tell you what options to buy (the ideal options, the rest won't help you at all, trust me). Here is what options I use:
- first you must buy the 3 "Super Bags" (so that you have a total of 6 options available)
- next you will need, indefinitely, all the 3 "Divine Help" (ideal for finishing higher levels as these options will enable you to view the correct positions of 3 arrows on the play-area... very useful as you won't need more to figure out the puzzle)
- then you will need 2 "Extra Time" (you will have a total of 3 minutes to think the puzzle over... normally 3 minutes is more then you will ever need to figure out a puzzle, even on the higher levels)
- and last but not least you will need 1 "Recycling" (this is a backup, as a last resort option... you will need this one because' let's say you cannot, even with all the above options, figure out a puzzle, just clic the recycle button and the whole level will be restarted, including the time)

And here is a picture with what you should choose:
- Picture: http://img61.imageshack.us/img61/4620/guardianangeled0.jpg

Picture comment:
- Red means that those options are vital and you, most likely, will not finish the game unless you buy these options first.
- Yellow means that those potions are helpfully, not necessary for finishing the game, but will help you a great deal.
- Green means that those options are secondary choices, you don't really need them but they will make the game more playable and eventually easier for you to complete.

Snuggy Pilot also is dependable on what choice of weapons you will take into battle.
Here is my best choice (the choice I use very frequently) :
- 3 stars for the "Blaster Balls" (I chose this weapon because it's the one who does the most damage out of the 3 available... trust me I tested all weapons and this one is the most dangerous for your enemy and Amok - at the end of each level. You only need 3 stars on this weapon because you will shoot 3 lines of balls. If you use the 4-th star on this weapon you will find it very ineffective because even if the weapon with 4 star fires 4 lines, instead of 3, it leaves a gap right in the middle and you'll find it very hard to defeat the enemy and Amok)
- 3 stars for "Speed" (you will need speed to easily avoid the enemy fire, the faster you will move the easier it will be to avoid being hurt)
- 3 stars for "Protection" (very useful as 3 protective balls will spin around your plane, protecting you from enemy fire and from the enemy itself)
- and 1 star for "Missiles" (1 star for this extra addition to your fire capability is more then enough. If you decide to use more then 1 star for this additional weapon you will find it a waste of time and stars. More then one star for this weapon will only increase the movement speed of the missile itself, so it's pretty much a waste of stars, 1 star is more then enough)

And finally the picture with the optimal weapon choices as righten above:
- Picture: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/5656/snuggypilotcj6.jpg

Picture comment:
In the picture is also shown the exact order in witch you should use your stars from level 1 to level 10. Use this combination and I guarantee that you will finish the game without any trouble whatsoever.

Secret Garden is all about luck. Your game is predetermined even before you start it. As you know you have 8 blows available. To get 100 flowers (minimum) on the higher levels you first need a lot of luck. A trick that you should know is that a "+" block is 95% found after 3-4 blows and another one after 6-7 blows. This is important as you should always think to reach the farthest you possibly can with 3 or 4 blows, you'll most likely hit one "+" block.
To easily finish a level, and the game, my advice to you is to take your time to count the flowers you see on the screen. Count, and always plan ahead 2 or 3 moves (think what color you will eliminate next and next) and always choose the color witch reaches farthest where you cannot see. Take your time on a level as you have limitless time available. Ideal for you would be to find a "leaf" block to see the entire game-play area. This way you can really take your time to plan all your next moves and count the flowers to see if you reach 100 flowers minimum. Important for you to know is that some levels are truly impossible to finish. I finish the game 1 time in 5 tries. The game is hard, no doubt about that, because you depend 100% on luck, unlike the Dare of Diablo where all you have to do is carefully plan ahead to easily finish the game.

Sorry, no pictures for Secret Garden, I believe that I've said what was needed above.

Food Chain. Food Chain does not depend on options nor on luck. It depends fully on your skills. The first 8 levels are very easy, so I'll just skip them. Now let's talk about levels 9 and 10 of Food Chain. As I've read on the forums these are the levels on witch players die almost all the time. First trick you must learn on how to pass these levels is how to save some fish and how to grow each color fish separately. To do that you must first grow orange fish, then let them lay eggs so that you have some spare eggs in case the fishnet takes your fish away. Once you decide you have enough spare eggs to start all over (in case the fishnet may come) you may move to grow the yellow fish, apply the same principal here and then on the blue fish and the level is finished. What is important is not to release all the fish at once, always save some, and don't try to grow them all at once it's impossible. That's that for level 9. On level 10 there's a catch. To be 100% sure you finish level 10 you must first slow down your internet connection. (to do this just start downloading something or open several things at once, like some music, a movie in the background, etc...) Why you must do this ? Well the answer is simple. The main problem on level 10 is not the fishnet but the fast crabs that steal all your fish eggs. If you slow down your connection the crabs will move slower and you should be able to finish the level with the growing fish method I wrote above. Best of luck !!! It works for me.

Sorry, no pictures for Food Chain, I believe that I've said what was needed above.

Blazing Flames is my personal favorite game. On this game it's much easier to play with the keyboard because you'll have more mobility with Diablo then you would with the mouse. First I'll tell you tips and tricks about how to beat all the 4 Boss Golems:
Boss Golem 1 (level 3): To defeat him watch his moves. You'll see that they repeat, this is also the case for the other 3 Golems. He will spin jump from the far edge of the screen to the middle, then he will walk to the the other edge of the screen, then repeat his moves. To defeat him let him jump to the middle and then jump on his head 3 times (to do this just jump on him and them move Diablo in the direction in witch he is moving), he will then teleport to the far edge of the screen and repeat the spin jump. Do this 3 times and once again and you will have defeated him easily.
Boss Golem 2 (level 6): This Golem will walk from one edge to another and shoot spikes at you from below the ground. This is one of the easiest Golems to defeat. To defeat him wait until he starts to shoot spikes at you and then jump over the spikes and land on his head, then continue to move in the direction in witch he is moving, you should kill him easily if you move in unison with him. If you don't kill him in the first try, remember that he repeats his moves and try again, eventually you will kill him without even getting hurt once.
Boss Golem 3 (level 9): As I understood from the forums this is the Golem on witch most players die. He is a little bit difficult to kill as he moves fast and shoots ice cubes at you. You should know that he shoots 4 ice cubes at you. With this in mind when reach him (he will walk towards you from the far edge of the screen) let him shoot 3 ice cubes at you, and then just as he is about to shoot the 4-th ice cube run and jump towards him and you should land directly on top of his head and then move in the direction in witch he is moving. He will move to the other edge now. Repeat this move and time your jumps carefully and you will defeat him without even getting hit once.
Boss Golem 4 (level 12-last level): This Golem is easy to defeat once you understand his moves, you'll see that they follow a pattern. Here is his pattern of moves: Immediately after you reach him he will run towards you and at the same time some spikes from the celling will fall in the location you're in. To avoid being hurt by the Golem or the spikes once he starts running toward you you must run towards him and then just as he's about to hit you jump over his head, at the same time this move will protect you from the falling spikes. Then the Golem will start walking towards you and at the same time shoot spikes from below the ground, just like the Boss Golem 2. Avoid the spikes and jump on his head 3 times. Watch out as after you hit him 3 times he will teleport to the other side of the screen and leave 3 moving ice cubes in the place where he was. Kill or avoid the ice cubes (it's your choice) and then repeat the move as he will again shoot spikes from below the ground. Jump over the spikes and the ice cubes and land on his head 3 times. Then again, the same move. Do this 3 times and once again and you will defeat him without even braking a sweat.
Now let's talk about the higher levels of this game: I'll skip the lower levels because they are easier and you should be able to pass them with a little exercise. I've read on the forums that players frequently die on level 11 and 12. On level 11 there would be a lot to talk about here is a little video of level 11 and how to pass it (watch the video carefully and memorise the moves that you must do, look carefully at the safe spots where you can stay and not get hit by the ice cubes).
Level 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEUz-9A9l8g
On level 12 I'll also be giving you a video on how to pass the level but there is one trick I'd like to share with you. On that last platform on level 12 (the one with the spike ice cube and the turtle shell ice cube), most players have said to me that they always land on the spike ice cube when they jump and then fall and lose the level. To avoid this after you've killed the 4 ice cubes on the platform just before the platform in question jump towards the platform and in the middle of the jump start moving backwards to the platform you jumped from. Why you must do this ? The answer is simple. You must do this so as to see ahead (the screen will move along with you) where the spike ice cube is and avoid him easily. Got all that ??? Good. Now I'll show you the video of how to pass level 12 and apply the trike I've wrote above.
Level 12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--2WI5xUqPg (This video also contains the info on how to defeat the Boss Golem 4 with the principle I've wrote above)
Well that's that, hope you have the time to read all of this on Blazing Flames and best of luck !

Sorry, no pictures for Blazing Flames, I believe that I've said what was needed above.

I'll be posting more tips and tricks on all games.

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Tips and Trick for Games (by Khot1)
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