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 Please read this everyone... By Khot1

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Diamond 2

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PostSubject: Please read this everyone... By Khot1   Sun 10 Jan 2010, 17:53

This may sound weird, but I just got an idea... An GREAT idea in fact...

Let me share it with you... Very Happy

Ok, so it goes like this:
- I want to create an Game right here, but with a little catch...
- I was thinking: "Ok, so if I create a game, what would be the gifts if you win it ???"
- And what's the game going to be about ???

Here is my idea... I'm going to let you guys decide on this one, so here are some choices:

About the game:
What do you want it to be...
1. An RPG (Role playing Game), an game where you fight each other, with an item shop...
2. An item collecting game, with a shop included...
3. Or something similar to my Khot1's Challenge...
Or give your own suggestions... Do you have any idea about a game, I'd love to hear them, I'll do the rest !!!

About the gifts:
What would you like to win...
1. An T-Shirt with the Icon of the game, witch I'm going to make for you...
2. Perhaps something weird, I don't know... like an electrocuting pen, or something...
3. Perhaps something Prizee.com related...
I'd really love to hear some suggestions on this matter...
Please don't write suggestions like... "Oh, I'd love to win a Car, or something like that... " Very Happy Smile

P.S. if you win a Gift I'll send it to you by postal service, because it's the cheapest and fastest way to do this... Smile

I don't know, I need some help on this one guys... I'd also LOVE to read all your ideas, I don't care if you have 50 ideas, I'd love to read all of them... Because I'm doing this all for you...
I may actually consider making a secondary site especially for this game... but that's another story...

So give me some ideas guys... and girls... Very Happy
I promise I'll read all of them... Smile I also might consider making the game in a Flash Program... I don't know... it's a lot of work... Smile

Khot1 here... king
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Grand Master Supreme

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PostSubject: Re: Please read this everyone... By Khot1   Sun 10 Jan 2010, 18:15

A good idea Daniel. Regarding the game, i notice that my luck quizz game but can be also another kind of game, there is no problem. In terms of gifts, i would really like as prizes to be shirts, caps, pens, pencils, stuff small but that means a lot to me. Of course the best way to send these gifts is the postal services.
Anyway i really like this idea Daniel.
It is something very exciting and fun . cheers Very Happy

Adu 1010 - Adrian
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Please read this everyone... By Khot1
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