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 The Old Ranks progression

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PostSubject: The Old Ranks progression   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 13:49

As the title says, here is the upgrade that I've done on all Ranks Progress. Note that the below progress (Daily and Maxpac) is about 85% to 90% correct.
If I have made an error in the below post please don't hesitate to tell me.

(and Maxpac progress per rank)

Note: Daily Progress = daily playing of the games from the Game Hit

New Player Rank progress
Daily: 10%
Maxpac: 1 rank + 50%

Bronze rank 1 progress
Daily: 5-10%
Maxpac: 1 rank + 25%

Bronze rank 2 progress
Daily: 8%
Maxpac: 50%

Bronze rank 3 progress
Daily: 6%
Maxpac: 30%

Bronze rank 4 progress
Daily: 5%
Maxpac: 15%

Silver rank 1 progress
Daily: 4%
Maxpac: 10%

Silver rank 2 progress
Daily: 3-4%
Maxpac: 10%

Silver rank 3 progress
Daily: 2-3%
Maxpac: 8%

Silver rank 4 progress
Daily: 2-3%
Maxpac: 6-8%

Gold rank 1 progress
Daily: 2%
Maxpac: 5%

Gold rank 2 progress
Daily: 2%
Maxpac: 4-5%

Gold rank 3 progress
Daily: 1-2%
Maxpac: 4%

Gold rank 4 progress
Daily: 1-2%
Maxpac: 4%

Platinum rank 1
Daily: 1-2%
Maxpac: 3-4 %

Platinum rank 2
Daily: 1-2%
Maxpac: 3 %

Platinum rank 3
Daily: 1-2%
Maxpac: 2-3 %

Platinum rank 4
Daily: 1-2%
Maxpac: 2 %

Double progress points for Club Prizee members on the Daily Progress.

Finally a distinction exists for completing the Gold 4 rank. It is the VIP Platinum. There isn't any special symbol on your rank that might indicate the VIP Platinum, but it evolves a pair of gifts that consist of an agenda with a calculator and a postcard. In the French forum they say that to maintain this distinction you have to spend 10 Maxpacs per day.[/color]
Some pictures from VIP Platinum:

Also there are things that you can do to help to increase your rank:
- Playing every day you're games from the Game Hit.
- Whenever you do a thing for the first time: To play a game for the first time, to play a challenge for the first time, to request a gift for the first time, to win a gift for the first time, whenever you finish a game for the first timeā€¦
- When you complete each one of the Quests
- But mainly you raise more of your rank by activating Maxpacs, using the other methods you'll only raise your rank by a small percentage.
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The Old Ranks progression
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