After Prizee removed the English forum there was only one way - to create a new one.
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 Forum Codes (BBcode)

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PostSubject: Forum Codes (BBcode)   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 14:22

In case you don't know, the BBcode (Bulletin Board Code) is a code similar to the HTML, but is manly used for the forums, including this forum.
I made this post-it to show you all the BBcodes that you will ever need for this forum (color of letter, type, size…) in other words what makes the forum attractive. 🌹

Important note.
All the below codes you must write without the spaces and the *

Prizee and Forum BBcodes (forum codes):

Bold = [ b ]your text here[/b*]

Italic = [ i ]your text here[/i*]

Underline = [ u ]your text here[/u*]

Quote :
= [ quote ]your quoted text here[/quote*]

Text color = [ color=blue ]your colored text here[/color*]

Another text color = [ color=green ]your colored text here[/color*]
(Find all text colors here.)

Color codes = [ color=#990066 ]your colored text here[/color*]
(Find all color codes here.)

Gradient Text = Use this site: click here, write the text in the box, select the gradient colors of choice, "Generate" and then copy the color codes that will appear and copy it here !!!

http://serv075.en.prizee.com/index.php?nc=1d1aa1f = [ url]write your link here[/url*]

Link under name = [ url=your link here]name or description of the link here[/url*]

= [ img]your image here[/img*]

= [ url=your link here][ img]your link image here[/img*][/url*]

Combination = Combinations can be done simultaneously for several effects. Here is how: [ b ]Co[ u ]mb[/b*]ina[ i ]ti[/u*]on[/i*]

Non-Prizee BBcodes (forum codes):

Superscript = [ sup ] your text here [/sup*]

Subindice = [ sub ] your text here [/sub*]

[ center ]How to center a text [/center*] =
Centered Text

Size = [ size=20 ] your text here (in this case a size 20 text) [/size*]

  • Bubbly
  • Sinkyfrog
  • Snuggy
  • Diablo
= This is how you use emblems
[ list ] [*]Bubbly[*]Sinkyfrog[*]Snuggy[*]Diablo [ /list* ]

Font type for your text = [ font=Arial Black ]Changes the font of your text.[ /font*]

So these are the Prizee and Non-Prizee BBcodes for the forums.
There are many more codes out there than what I've wrote here, but I hope that this post will help you understand how to "animate" you're posts better !!!

Update: Gradient Text generator is now available !!!

Post and information updated by: Khot1 (Administrator) cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Codes (BBcode)   Sun 25 Oct 2009, 18:04

I can tell you that this was very useful when I was a newbie on Prizee forum but then I learned html and comparing to html - BBcode is a piece of cake.

P.S. I edited the link for text colors to the new forum.
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PostSubject: répondez-moi svp please   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 17:11

I'm no't speak english!
Where forum's french?
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Grand Master Supreme

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Codes (BBcode)   Mon 26 Oct 2009, 22:24

This forum it's only in the english language . Go to Prizee Classic forum .

Adu 1010 - Adrian ( host english forum )
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Codes (BBcode)   

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Forum Codes (BBcode)
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