After Prizee removed the English forum there was only one way - to create a new one.
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 EnPrizee going International.

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PostSubject: EnPrizee going International.   Thu 15 Jul 2010, 20:15

Today is the day we announce you something very important. We have decided to make this an international forum!!! cheers The first language we will be adding is the Romanian language since most users here are Romanian and we have proper moderation in that language.

In the future we will be adding more languages BUT we can't add new languages if we don't have any moderators them. I am looking forward to add French language but we need French people. So tell all your French friends about this forum and the time will show when new languages are added.

See you soon!

Administrator of the forum - Robs999 Agree
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PostSubject: Re: EnPrizee going International.   Fri 16 Jul 2010, 16:14

I totally agree with this Robs my friend, and we've been talking about this for a while...
It will be so great.

Also you'll be pleased to know that me and Robs have more surprises in store for everyone here.
You'll LOVE them, trust me. Smile

We will work our asses off to make this Forum the best or one of the best out there. cheers

So, stay tuned...

Khot1 here (Forum Administrator)
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EnPrizee going International.
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