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 How can I make or join a Clan. The answer is here!

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PostSubject: How can I make or join a Clan. The answer is here!   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 13:59

Original information and all of the credits for this wonderful post-it go to:

Pici37 (Anita)

Hello everybody!
Do you know the clan's cup?

I don't know, what does it mean exactly?
You can be a member of clan. Lots of clan are in prizee. These clan race every time for the benefits.
Benefits? I am interesting. Tell me please how it work?
So, you can join a clan, or create your own clan. I will let you, how can you join, or create a clan, but firstly, you need to know the rules.
All right.
In one clan you can find 1-10 members. Maximum 10! You can't do bigger clan. These races hold on one week. They call these races clan attack.
The race period: every thursday 10 o clock to next thursday 10 o clock.

All right, but how can i collect the points for my clan?
You can collect the points with these games: (just with them)
Bubbly's Bubbles... ... ... ...
Snuggy's Pies... ... ... ... ...
Secret Garden... ... ... ... ...
Blazing Flames... ... ... ... .
Bubble Burst... ... ... ... ... .
The Dare of Diabolo... ... ...
Sinkyfrog's Ark... ... ... ... ..
Guardin Angel... ... ... ... ...
Snuggy Pilot... ... ... ... ... .
Food Chain ... ... ... ... ... ..
Crazy Memo... ... ... ... ... ..
Taka... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Fishtrain... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Burning Tail... ... ... ... ... ..
Veg Attack... ... ... ... ... ...

About the score: without club:
If you finished the
first level, you will get 1 point.
If you finished the
secondlevel, you will get 2points.
If you finished the
third level, you will get 3points.
with club:
If you finished the
first level, you will get 2points.
If you finished the
second level, you will get 4points.
If you finished the
third level, you will get 6points.
Oh, i like it, so i will be better, if i am a club member.
Exactly..and, if you are a member of club, don't forget, that you can play twice with one game every day! So for example, you are not member of club, but member of clan, and you start the first level with all games, and you have got 12 games, you can collect 12 points. And if i am in same situation as you, but i am member of club, i can collect 24+48=72 points!
Wow, its so cool, but what about the benefit?
At the end of the race, the prize will give the first 100 clans the benefit.

For the 1st clan:- - - - - - - - - - - 500 points
For the 2nd to the 5th clan:- - - - 200 points
For the 6th to the 10th clan:- - - -100 points
For the 11th to the 30th clan:- - - 50 points
For the 31th to the 100th clan:- - 20 points

I would like to be member of clan, please tell me, how can I do?

Click on the button create a clan.

You will see on the next page a little story:

Just click on OK button.

On the next page, you will see this:
1: About the clans, the clan's cup, about benefits. This is a welcome text.
2: About the rules
3: Create a clan button, if you want one
4: Clan register button: You can looking after the clans.
5: Clan's ranking: If you don't know any clan's name, you can looking after the best clans
6: General clan's cup forum: you can looking after a clan on the forum as well, or just chat to another players
7: Picture about the benefits

So, we start with the 3rd point: Create a clan! Just click on the button.

On the next page, you will see:

1: Write here your clan's name
2: Description: You can get the players a little description about your clan. For example: we accept club members only.
Be careful this text, like sms can't be endless, so check always, how many character have you got.
3: You can choose a picture for your clan! You will see this on the clan's page.
4: If you didn't find any good picture, looking after a picture on internet! Be careful about the picture size!
5: Decide how many members do you want. You know: Maximum ten!
6: You can decide, whose can apply to your clan. For example, just gold rank.
If you finished with points, just click on OK button.
On the next page you will see some information about your clan, if everything are fine, just go ahead!

All right, this is the last step:
The Prizee ask you once more: Do you really want to make this clan?
IMPORTANT: The creating clan is not free: YOU NEED TO PAY 1BUBZ, if you click on the OK button, and later, you decide, you don't want this clan any more, you can't get back your bubz.

And finally: Congratulations: you created a clan!

Just click on the button INDEX, and then go ahead again to the clan's cup button (you know, you can find on the main page's bottom)
You will see a little bit difference: you can see one more button, on the clan's page.

I always call this little picture from your clan's information page: information card from your clan. But this is just my idea, i don't know what its name exactly, so if I speaking about this, I will say, the "information card from your clan&".
So this card contains
1: your clan's name
. . How many points has the clan got
. . What is it position in the clan's cup (clan's rank)
. . How many person in your clan (always contain you)

2: Four buttons:
-Clan register
-Clan's ranking
-Clan page
-Clan forum

On this clan page you can see:
1: Your clan's name and the clan's current points
2: The clan leader and his/her rank
3: Description of the clan
4: The clan's avatar (I call this clan's flag)
5: You can set up some function of the clan
6: You can modify the description at here
7: If you don't want to use the picture from this site for your clan's avatar, you can choose a picture from internet, or your own computer.
You need to know that you can modify nearly all data at anytime, when you want. Just you can't modify the clan's name.

An under,
8: you can check your member list. You can always looking after, whose can collect most of points.
9: If anybody send for you an application, you will see here.
Clan Register:

When you looking for a clan, just write the clan name the place of "Look for a clan". The site will show you the possibilities. If you don't know any clan, it's no problem. The site always automatically show you some clans. The bottom of the page, you can go ahead to another page. This is a random list always. You can check
1: The clans name, and how many points has it got
2: The clans leader and their rank
3: The clans members list
4: You will find some information about clan (This is very important, always read it!)
5: You can find a bottom: Join the clan. If you click on this button, that means, that you sent an application form for the clan. In this status, you aren't a member yet. If the clan leader (because HE will decide this) accept your application, you will be automatically member of clan.

Sorry, a little bit readable the data, but maybe it is a good advertisement for the clans :-D
If you are interesting for example about whose on the position 345676, just all you need to do, type the interested position the place of "see position". Or if you interesting about your friend's clan, just write your friend's clan name the place of "see clan".
And, you can check the previous clan ranking too.

If you click on the button clan's forum, you will see this:
This forum is private: Nobody can see this forum, just you, and your clan's members.

If you don't want to create a clan, just join a good clan, don't create a clan, just go to the clan register. Looking after a clan, and click on the button: Join the clan.
On the next page you will see the message: your application is expecting validation from the Clan Leader.

Be careful, because you can send just one application form is same time. But don't worry, because you can cancel your application.
On that message just click on the button index, then click on the button clan's cup. In that time, you will see the four button. But now you can't check the forum, or clan page. If you click on the button forum, you will see the general forum, not the clan's own forum. You can cancel you're application sending, if you click on the button clan page.
On the next page you will see this message:
"your application is expecting validation from the Clan Leader
Cancel your application"
Just click on the button Cancel your application, if you really would like to do.

If you are the clan's leader, and somebody sent for you an application:

Click on Clan's cup button, you will see on the next page "application sending"
You can't click on it. If you want to know, whose send the application, just go on to the clan's page, and you will find the sender at the page's bottom.

You can accept, or refuse it.

If you accepted, you will see the sender on your clan's members list:
At now the sender your clan's member.

You can see the list of your clan's members.

If you decided, one, or more members in your clan are no good for your clan any more, you can drop out them:

Just choose them, and click on the blue text:
Expel the selected members from your clan.
And then, you will see this message: The Prizee ask you, that you really want to drop out them?

If you decided, that you want to leave your own clan, just click on the button withdraw from the clan.
On the next page the Prizee ask you, that you really want to leave the clan.

This post will be updated soon by me, Khot1. I don't really have the time right now... lol!
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How can I make or join a Clan. The answer is here!
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