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 How to get more experience...

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PostSubject: How to get more experience...   Fri 09 Oct 2009, 13:54

Posted by Administrator Khot1 to make some points. First of, here are the known working methods for obtaining experience in you're current rank:

Here are things that you can do to help increase your rank:

1. Playing every day you're games from the Game Hit.
2. Whenever you do a thing for the first time: To play a game for the first time, to play a challenge for the first time, to request a gift for the first time, to win a gift for the first time, whenever you finish a game for the first timeā€¦ etc.
3. When you complete each one of the Quests
4. But mainly you raise more of your rank by activating Maxpacs, using the other methods you'll only raise your rank by a small percentage.
5. From now on playing the Secret Games (if you already have won them) raises you're rank. The higher you're rank the less experience you get by playing the secret games.

Now, here are the methods that do not raise you're rank:

Special points:
1. Posting on the Forum does not raise you're rank, nor does it give you experience in you're current rank.
2. Also entering a Clan or winning some Bubz from the Clan's Cup does not give you experience in you're current rank.

I hope I made this as clear as possible.
Read all of this carefully and remember...

You're Administrator, Khot1 lol!
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How to get more experience...
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